Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fifty Things to Do in Ten Years (Because I'm a Dork)

Alright, so I’m totally cheating, but most of this post will be taken up with my list of fifty things to do in ten years. If this blog stays going I might report when things get checked off… because I’m just boring like that. On with the randomness!

50 Things to do in the next 10 years

1. Finish college with high grades

2. Pay off college debt

3. Graduation trip with three friends to Hocking Hills

4. Cruise

5. Write five short stories a year

6. Finish Transformers fic

7. Get a short story published

8. Weigh 130 (and maintain it)

9. Fold 100 paper cranes (per year)

10. Get an apartment

11. Take Mekenzie and Melissa to Ren Fest

12. Make gypsy costume

13. Rewrite Realm Perilous

14. Finish Spiral

15. Put blue streaks in hair

16. Try Mayan hot chocolate

17. Learn Japanese

18. Teach English overseas

19. Complete departmental honors

20. Take voice lessons

21. Fold 100 paper frogs

22. Go to a steampunk outing

23. Take Maribeth to Universal for 1 week

24. Go to Canada

25. Help Mom set up children’s museum/play place

26. Go horseback riding

27. Visit Seaworld

28. Read 100 books

29. Volunteer as a KOV squire

30. Go to Disney

31. Finish The Lady of the Fishpond with Niki

32. Spend a day in a cemetery

33. Make green eggs and ham

34. Have an epic 21st birthday party

35. Get a dog

36. Go snorkeling

37. Have a night on the town with a friend

38. Try sashimi

39. Go to Serpent Mound

40. Go kayaking

41. Go to King’s Island

42. Buy new earphones

43. Go to the observatory

44. Prank the entire campus

45. Learn to drive

46. Go to the zoo

47. Go to the Festival of Lights

48. Write a blog series on various Medieval and Renaissance Festivals

49. Get a car

50. Buy a ModCloth dress for graduation

I really do need to learn to drive. The fact that I can’t yet is just ridiculous laziness. And just think of all the trouble I could get into with my own wheels!

Since finishing the list I realized that I also want to go to an anime con sometime, because even though I don’t know much about very many animes, they just look like fun. And I could go in costume. That’s always a plus. If you ever want me to go somewhere just say “You can come in costume” and I’ll probably do it.

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