Thursday, July 1, 2010

From the Lips of Babes...

So, here we are. Many days have passed, few adventures have been had and no blog posts have been added. Shame, shame.

The wonderful thing about kids is that there are always new ones, and with each new kid comes some new thought or question that is downright hilarious for us ‘big kids,’ also known by the unfortunate title of ‘grown-ups.’ Today I began a new part time babysitting job where I got the pleasure of spending some time with four funny little boys. The oldest can’t be more than five, the twins are between two and three, and the youngest is still sleeping in his crib and sucking on pacifiers. After a vigorous game of freeze tag (where there was much tagging, little freezing and several ‘its’), we found ourselves sitting in the living room with a pile of blocks and some bouncy balls. This, of course, struck the eldest as a marvelous chance to get to know his new ‘sitter. The trick is, in his world there are two kinds of people: kids like him, and grown-ups like his parents.

His first question: “Who married you?”

I explained that I wasn’t married at all and was still single and wondered privately why I wasn’t the one to do the marrying, but why some poor person had to make this a one way relationship.

His second question: “When are you getting married?”

My answer: “I have no idea. A long time from now.”

His third question: “How many kids do you have?”

Once again, I explained that I didn’t have any, and wondered if this kid shared another of my friend’s thoughts – that one day I would just split in two and there would be two Mindys instead of one. What is hilarious, is that this thought stemmed from the fact that I haven’t been interested in having a boyfriend during my college career. Maybe my college buddies know the kids I babysit. I hope not.

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