Saturday, July 3, 2010

"They breed like rabbits, you know"

Life is hilarious. My mom is a yard sale shopaholic. She can’t resist the good deal, and the trick is that she actually knows how to get GOOD stuff. A lot of the stuff she buys end up in my Christmas stocking or my pile of birthday presents. There really are a lot of good deals on useful stuff at yard sales, I swear. They aren’t completely filled with the useless old kid’s meal toys I usually contribute. Well, Mom’s latest find was a new mixer, since ours started smoking a couple months ago. Ah, those chain smoking mixers, they just ruin the flavor of whatever they’re mixing. Nothing like smoky cookie batter. It’s a nice mixer, the one she bought, but it came with some company. My sister-in-law decided that she wanted to make a cake last night, and everything was going perfectly well… until the earwigs started running out from beneath the thing. There must have been about ten of them, because every time we got one we found another. My sissy is also very scared of little bugies, so she was squawking and yelping the whole time while my dad chased the little cretins down one at a time. And of course we scooped my niece up before she got a chance to investigate these fun new friends. She thought the whole thing was hysterical.

Today the finished cake met its end at the annual family reunion for my grandma and her sisters’ families. It was yummy. The cake, I mean. It’s amazing how much more your older relatives talk with you when you’re not a teenager. The fact that I’m going to be studying abroad helped, too. My personal favorite moment, however, was sitting across from my… errrrr… second cousin?... who plays in Scrabble tournaments and tells very good stories. Apparently bunnies overran one of the campuses where she played. “They breed like rabbits, you know.”

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