Monday, July 5, 2010

Much Randomness

I must really have no life. I went to make a list of fifty goals to try to achieve in the next ten years and found that I could only get to thirty one. Does this mean that my life is very full or very empty? Not empty. No way. Not with my niece. I’ll need lots of origami paper, though, because one goal was to fold one hundred paper cranes and then another was to fold one hundred paper cranes. I’ll also need lots of money, because travel was involved with about half of the things. When I get to fifty I’ll post the list. It should be amusing. Does anyone know a recipe for Mayan hot chocolate?

So, I’ve come to a major, life-changing decision… ok, not really, but it will have a major impact on my writing life. I’ve decided to give up fanfic, or at least to give it up for the time being. Soon I will be posting the next chapter on my current fic, and the readers will decide their fate. If they review well, I will finish the fic before throwing in the towel. If they don’t, then I will put the fic on hiatus and let it sit for a while so I can devote more time to my short stories.

Now it is time for a salute to Emily, the lovely lady who can run three miles and pass off gas as the property of the old guy next to her. I can make it all of eight minutes before I’m panting and gasping loud enough to be heard over the machine and Beauty and the Beast. It isn’t pretty. Way to go, Emily. I shall forever be in your treadmillish dust.

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  1. MINDY!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!! my treadmill days are getting more difficult as I have developed runner's knee. I would have NEVER in a million years thought I would run enough to get that. I do the elliptical sometimes should try rocks!!